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Licensing and mvd Services


MVD "Commercial express"

 Our Commercial Express is the division of Complete Compliance Services that offers you a full service, state certified Motor Vehicle Office specializing in commercial vehicle transactions.

No more waiting at the state MVD offices-drop off your paperwork-come back later, when it is convenient or we will simply call you when your transaction is complete. Of course, the other alternative when expedited service is required, wait, read the latest trade magazines and have a cup of coffee on us, while we process your documents.

Registration and Titles

 Fast, walk-in registration services or drop off/ pick up later service for established companies. We also do LLC as well as Incorporation.  We specialize in title transfers, registration, replacement, corrections, and duplicates. 


Initial, renewals, issued, replacement, stickers, standard, Weight Distance, and IRP.

Vehicles We Specialize In

Passenger vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Trailers, Commercial vehicles, and Off highway vehicles.

VIN Inspections

You can bring it to us, or we'll go to you!

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Pick-up and delivery service may be available upon request (Commercial Accounts) 



 The year 2000 marked the formation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) U.S. Department of Transportation. The administration has indicated that a more stringent review of motor carrier records will be the normal procedure. Increased penalties and fines have been or will be implemented in the near future.

Carriers who receive an "Unsatis-factory" safety rating will be required to upgrade to "Satisfactory" within 60 days or face the possibility of having to suspend operations. In the case of passenger or hazardous material haulers this time frame is compressed to 45 days.

Carriers that demonstrate an ongoing problem with any safety issue will be assessed fines far in excess of what we have witnessed in the past. If the problem continues, then suspension of activities will be imminent.

Carriers that are delinquent in paying assessed fines within 90 days will be considered to be in non-compliance and will also face the prospect of the closure of their operations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also has jurisdiction over Intra-state compliance with controlled substance and alcohol regulations and hazardous material operations. This year the state DOT has implemented a compliance review program based on the Federal requirements.

While FMCSA is a definite factor in a carrier's operating procedures, companies would be well advised to consider the possibility of litigation and criminal penalties should they be found in non-compliance with federal regulations following an accident.

Consultation Services

  •  CCS has experience to assist companies with a variety of consultation services
  • Security plans and programs-CCS staff can create customize security plans, now mandated by the Federal government for all transporters and shippers of hazardous materials.
  • Driver Qualification File Audit Service in preparation for or following DOT audits.
  • A variety of training programs designed to ensure your supervisory staff and drivers are compliant with all DOT requirements.

  1. Review of files and documents for potential violations which may come to light during a compliance review


  1. CCS, upon request can represent you during Compliance Review Audits. We know and understand Federal and State transportation regulations and retention rules pertaining  to the documents that you will be required to provide.


  1. If you recieve a proposed Unsatisfactory or Conditional Safety Rating, CCS can help you request an upgrade to that proposed safety rating.


  1. Recieve a federal fine? If you recieved a "Table of Violations" paper during your Compliance Review, you will more than likely recieve a Motice of Claim. We can assist with requests to reduce your fine amount and or get a payment plan established.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

 Our experienced staff will assist you in entering our Controlled Substance and Alcohol Random Testing Consortium. Under Federal guidelines companies may have their employees join with other U.S. DOT Safety Sensitive employees from other companies to form a testing pool from which individuals are selected for ongoing testing. 

  • Customized for your company to meet all FMCSA mandates
  • Random Consortium and Selection
  • Pre-Employment/Post Accident, return to duty and follow-up testing may also be arranged.
  • Supervisors Reasonable Suspicion Drug & Alcohol testing available at reduced rates.

DOT & Compliance Training Classes

  • Hours of Service (Log Books)
  • "Back to Basics" DOT training.
  • Defensive Driving.
  • "Surviving a DOT Audit" for management & supervisors.
  • Trucking credentials 101 (A guide to IRP/IFTA/WD/SSRS etc.)
  • On-site training available for individual companies.
  • Supervisor Training Class

Our Trained Staff

 Our trained staff will assist you in all aspects of the policies and procedures that the DOT will require you to produce in the event of a Compliance Review (audit). Our programs are designed with both the small and large transportation companies in mind. Our DOT compliance program will relieve you of all your concerns regarding regulatory mandates and ensure you feel confident facing an audit.  

Driver Qualification Files

 We can offer companies a Pre-Hire package that includes completion of an approved Driver Qualification File (DQ), all relevant background checks, MVR's, record compilation, etc-nothing is left out. Companies also have the option to have CCS maintain your files and offer you a Driver License and Medical Card Alert program-we will inform you the month before your driver credentials are due to expire. Under this program we will also ensure an MVR is pulled every year as required and that driver violation and certification reports are completed. 

Operating Credentials


We get you running fast!

 At Complete Compliance Services we get you up and running fast! We also save you money on your fleet's permitting status. With our fast and accurate services we can ensure your fleet will stay legal! Our permitting service includes:

  • Hazardous materials permitting - Federal, State and Nationwide services available.
  • Oversize/Overweight permits - State, Regional, and Nationwide services available.
  • Quick response to emergency permitting requirements.
  • Permit Inventory Controls.
  • Timely renewals, additions and transfers. 
  • Multiple trip filings - Where applicable.
  • Trip permitting - Where applicable.

Operating Authorities Acquisition

 Call Complete Compliance Services for the most cost-effective way to obtain your Federal or State Operating Authorities.

  • Full Service Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration [FMCSA (formerly ICC)] operating authority acquisition.
  • Full Service Public Regulation Commission (PRC) operating authority acquisition.
  • Process Agent (BOC-3) service.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) identification numbers.
  • Surety Bond refferals upon request.
  • Incorporation services available.
  • NM Solid Waste Hauler permits. 

Fuel & Weight Distance Tax

 We catch driver errors so auditors won't! Our systems and procedures help protect you from tax and penalty assessments that may result from

  • MPG's, taxes and over/under reports, unit, location and fleet.
  • Taxes and refund requests filed timely.
  • Representation at audits.
  • Paper trail of your operation and our services.
  • Pre-audit and entry of driver trip data.
  • Location of missing or gap miles.
  • Miles, fuel and tax reports by unit and fleet.
  • Copies of tax returns and checks.
  • Quarterly tax summary report.
  • Assistance in reducing tax expenses.

Credentialing and Permitting

  •  IRP - International Registration Plan
  • IFTA - International Fuel Tax Agreement
  • WDT - Weight Distance Tax
  • UCRA - Unified Carrier Registration Agreement
  • Quarterly road/ mileage taxes
  • Obtaining or Renewing your DOT#
  • 2290 Processing
  • Inter/Intra state Authorities
  • Oversize/Overweight permitting
  • Hazmat (State/Federal)

What we can do for you

We take the headache out of licensing, registration and heavy vehicle use taxes. With our services, we'll get you rolling fast. Our assest management program is second to none.

  • Weight Distance (WD) and International Registration Plan
  • Verification of your fleet tax status
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • Consultation on assest management and equipment utilization
  • Expedited handling of new accounts, transfers, supplements and fleet consolidation in the following ares:

  1. Weight Distance (WD)
  2. International Registration Plan (IRP)
  3. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  4. Unified Carrier Registration Act (URCA)
  5. Federal HighwayUse Tax (2290)